About Us

New Delhi, the vibrant and overflowing capital of India, is bursting with energy and with more than 22 million inhabitants. This young metropolis was built on the remains of ancient cities. A fascinating mix of historical monuments and modern high-tech industry, colorful nightlife and fabulous options for shopping and restaurants, New Delhi is a delight for the senses. Delhi’s life is full of joyful, here you can leave a life that is full of freedom.

In Delhi, everyone likes to have their business. If you are one who just set up your business in Delhi then put your business on our site and get more business.

If you are one who is looking for knowing the stories of the new startup companies in Delhi, here you can get complete detail about them. We will help you enrich your business ideas, or channel your projects to immediate success.

See how we work

Thousands of startup companies, restaurants, workshops, doctors and many others from all industries are listed on our website. Do you need a taxi or would you like to renovate your home? Here you will find the right experts for everything. Also if you are a new company then you can add your business with us by filling our online form.

Specific categories (landing page)

This is our added value. We will build landing pages for each specific and highly demanded category. We will do SEO and SEM in each of these categories, so when a person searches for a service on Google, we will appear in the first results. Once there the client will fill out a form indicating his need and his request will be sent to all the companies under this category. This will be a great benefit to our Business.

Benefits of appearing on our site

Our Business site for startup companies is distinguished from the others because we offer Marketing benefits that work. These are some advantages:

  • Your business will have more visibility on the Internet.
  • You will have a link to your website; this generates more traffic and in turn positioning.
  • You will have a micro-website where you can describe your products and services.
  • If you purchase a specific category plan or Landing Page, you will receive requests from customers who require your service.

The search business is really simple; enter the name or location in the search. You can also make the search by industry, choosing the activity in the main menu or list of the right side of the web.

There are many companies that already enjoy the support we provide from SDR marketing processes and visualization of your company.  Our site can be accessed through the internet from different devices, including mobile phones and tablets, adapting its appearance to the device being used to view it.

So if you are a Startup Company in Delhi or searching for the different services in Delhi then we are here to help you in both conditions.